Check out a preview of our NEW Ninja-Kid Warrior program starting at our Sienna Location THIS September! More Information coming soon! 

How Are We Different

Parkour Classes for kids in Missouri City.

Our facility has everything your kid wants!

  • Indoor Zip-Line
  • Warped Wall
  • Parlour Obstacles
  • TumbleTrak 
  • Foam Cube Pit
  • Balance Beams
  • Moonwalk Slide

Ninja Warrior classes for kids ages 4 and up.

We know how to Motivate your kid!

  • Upon completion of a karate test, a student is rewarded with a new Belt.
  • Upon completion of a gymnastics evaluation, a student is rewarded with a new Leo. 
  • Upon completion of a Ninja course, a student is rewarded with a new Ninja T-Shirt. 

Ninja Warrior classes for kids

We teach real ninja stuff!

  • Stranger Danger Lessons 
  • Self-Defense
  • Basic Martial Arts
  • Samurai (foam) Sword
  • Okinawan Bo-Staff
  • Rubber Nunchaks
  • Break Falls, Tumbling, & Rolling 

Benefits of Ninja Program

Focus and Concentration

When you child is in school, you want the to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.  So how can you get them to practice focus and concentrate?  Martial Arts and running an obstacle is a good start.  Each time you tackle the ninja-kid warrior course, you are forced to concentrate on the obstacle in front of you.  You will need to be "in the zone" in order to avoid distractions around you that could cause you to slip up.  Focusing on what you are doing, not what others are doing, is extremely important to achieve success.

Increased Agility

Our ninja-kid warrior course includes challenges that require quick, sure footing.  From bouldering across a rock wall to running across a gymnastics beam to maneuvering through a variety of difficult obstacles, learning how to place your feet is a big part of ninja training.  Ladder andcone drills, often used by football and soccer coaches, can help to develop fast, accurate footwork. 

Better Flexibility

Many training routines (weight lifting, running, cycling) focus on just one kind of strength training thereby over-emphasizing certain muscle groups at the expense of others.  This creates a pattern of overuse and underutilization that impairs the body's ability to function in activities taht require whole-body coordination and strength.   Flexibility training, practiced in gymnastics and martial arts, creates a balanced, limber physique that promotes a full range of motion and balanced muscular action.

Improved Balance

So you have a child that some would consider clumsy?  Many of our ninja-kid obstacles involve balance.  As opposed to the quickness and agility you might use on the slanted steps, working your way across a gymnastics balance beam creates a new type of challende for young ninjas.  The ninja balance beam, wobble boards and jumping from one unstable surface to another trains the body to maintain in shifting circumstances.  

Learn how to fall safely

Ninja-kid obstacles are not easily conquered on the first try.  Students must try and try again in order to make it successfully through the course.  When students first enter class they are taught how to fall safely.  This includes falling forwards (shoulder rolls) and falling backwards (break-falls).  Ninja kids will also learn the proper way to fall from a rope, bar, beam, or other obstacle.  Falling is important in everyday life and benefits students on the playground, soccer field, and everywhere they play. 

Increased Core Strength

When you watch American Ninja Warrior on television, quite frankly, it just doesn't look that hard.  But when you attepmt a similar feat somewhere in your house or yard, you quickly learn (among other things) that your core strength isn't what it needs to be.  Our special ninja training (old fashion push-ups, sit-ups, & pull-ups_ can get your child on the right track. 

Individual Continual Challenges

No matter what level of athletic ability, your child will always find our ninja-kid warrior program a challenge.  We constantly adjust the course obstacles to allow for kids with different ability levels to succeed.  We also rotate the course obstacles to keep the course interesting.  Whether you are trying to beat your own time or improve just a little during each run, you'll always find a way to improve and grow.

Spatial Awareness

Ninja-worthy fitness requires more than just strength.  Spatial Awareness, or the ability to interact with and understand the environment around you, is essential to succesful obstacle training.  Students must understand the obstacle, where it lies in comparison to their body, and how to move their body in order to conquer it.  Learning through trial and error allows young ninjas to discover exactly where their body is and needs to be at any given point in time.  Ninja training will help your child get a feel of where their body is and how to control it. 

Gain Confidence

In martial arts, the saying goes, "a shaolin priest can walk through walls" or in layman terms, he can overcome any difficulties they thought they couldn't, or that they may have failed at achieving in the past, they gain a sense of confidence and realize that with hard work, they can overcome any difficulty.  It may be balancing across a scary beam, making a seemingly impossible jump or completing a difficult school project.  The confidence you earn you take wiht you wherever you go.

It's just a lot of FUN!

All of the benefits from this super ninja training will get you nowhere if your child doesn't take an interest and want to come back and train on a regular basis.  That's why it has to be fun/  Whether its martial arts, summer camps, special events or birthday parties, Safety America has been ,aking stuff fun for kids for over 20 years.  When you facility has an indoor rock wall, zip-line, and a ninja-kid warrior course it's not really that hard.