Girl's Recreational Gymnastics

Girls Gymnastics

Silver & Pink Classes (Ages 6 and up)

This class is for beginners ages 6 years and up. Children in this class will either have moved from the Combo Class or have had little to no gymnastics experience. This class focuses on the basic gymnastics skills on the Women’s Apparatuses. These basics skills form a foundation for the child. Our entire program promotes mobility so it is our goal to develop and perfect these basic skills and keep the child moving up in the program. 

Light Blue & Royal Blue Classes (Ages 6 and up)

These classes are for intermediates ages 6 and up. Students in this class will know the proper terms for  specific gymnastics skills and be able to demonstrate proper technique in basic and intermediate skills on each of the Women’s Apparatuses. The skills in these levels are a progression of the beginner level skills and they build off of each other to help the student learn.

Purple, Red, & Black Classes (Ages 8 and up)

These are the advanced classes in our recreational program. Students in this class will be able to perform intermediate skills well and with proper technique and will begin learning more challenging skills. They will also work on putting multiple skills together and focus on putting those together for routines. 

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